Robert Chester Ruark, Jr. (1915-1965)

North Carolina Native Son

Welcome to the Robert Ruark Society website.  The society is made up of a group of fans from all across Ruark's native North Carolina, the nation, and from around the world. We remember Ruark and we want others to remember him, too. 

Anyone may join the society. There are no dues or fees associated with any individual's membership. Once you provide the society with your contact information you are added to the membership list. Just complete the application and submit it to the society's address in Chapel Hill, NC (USA). 

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You will find a few photos of Robert Ruark on this page and other pages for your enjoyment.  Some pages feature a photo slide-presentation.

Greg Jenkins, Editor of Wildlife in North Carolina magazine has also given the society permission to place on this site an article that appeared in the November 2008 edition of that publication, titled "Ruark in His Prime." It's from Alan Ritchie's book, Ruark Remembered.  Greg is also searching for two other articles on Ruark that appeared in Wildlife and will give the society permission to use those as wellTo learn more about the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC)  and Wildlife in North Carolina check out the WRC website found at  The article "Ruark in His Prime" may be downloaded here.

This  site is found at either domain name; (old site hosted by Network Solutions) or at (new site on Squarespace).  This fall, we are migrating from the old site to this one.  It will continue to be a "work in progress" because we plan to continue to add content to this site.  In the Society Archives section we will park some of the older pages or other information for your continued reference and for review by new members. 

We also plan to place a directory of the Robert Ruark Society online once we receive an electronic version of the directory. And we hope those winners of the Robert Ruark essay contest will provide us an electronic copy of their essay, a photo and a brief bio for online publication. Members of the society want to see the works of those young (an older) individuals influenced by this great North Carolina writer.

Feel free to share your Robert Ruark photos and stories with the Robert Ruark Society.


Below is an email that we recently received that gives a modern day personal touch to the Robert Ruark experience. John W. Edson writes that his father served with Ruark in the Navy and that he met Ruark in the fifties when Ruark visited his father at their home in Beaumont, Texas.